Lodge Officers
Exalted Ruler: Jerry DeToro
Leading Knight: Al Ferrentino
Loyal Knight: Dave Gusk
Lect. Knight: John Ventolo
Esquire: Mike Reddington
Chaplain: Jim Cantwell
Tiler: Ron Van Alstyne
Inner Guard: Juan Flores
Secretary: Connie Cantwell
Treasurer: Peggy Berry
1-Yr Trustee: Mike Pasnick
2-Yr Trustee: Nick Tsoukalis
3-Yr Trustee: Fred Tilton
4-Yr Trustee: Bob Oxford
5-Yr Trustee: Greg Scarlato
Welcome to the Howell Elks NJ website. We would like to invite both members and potential members to feel free to browse and to get to know us better.

The Howell Elks are very involved in the local community. The lodge provides scholarships for local children, sponsors local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and soccer and hoop shoots.

Jerry DeToro
Exalted Ruler

The Special Children's Committee has sponsored local children to Camp Moore, is involved in the Special Olympics and has hosted outings for the local ARC.

The Howell Elks was also the recipient of the "2009 Service Organization of the Year Award" From the Howell Chamber of Commerce.

Those are just a few of the activities we are involved in. Check out the committee's link to view all of our charitable committee's and their activities.
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Songs and videos from our own H.E.L.P (Howell Elks Lodge Players)

Video of the National Athem at the BlueClaws game

God bless America

Howell Elks Lodge

God bless America acapella

Irish Lament
Past Exalted Rulers

Edward C. Sammons 1974-1975 Alfred W. Kulpa 1975-1976
James M. Zbozny 1976-1977 Howard R. Collins, Jr. 1977-1978
Gerald E. Conner 1978-1979 Thomas McAuley 1979-1980
Joseph Rinaldi 1980-1981 Daniel T. Libonati 1981-1982
Joseph Rinaldi 1982 -1985 David Newsome 1985-1986
Daniel T. Libonati 1986-1987 Joseph Marmo 1987-1988
Sean M. Parks 1988-1989 Ronald Campos 1989-1990
Frank A. Rakowski 1990-1992 Robert G. Jani 1992-1993
Arthur D. Morello 1993-1994 Ron Barca 1994-1995
Glen Blue 1995-1996 Richard Morello 1996-1997
George Adams 1997-1998 Steve Jankowski 1998-1999
Bob Lutkiewicz 1999-2000 Ken Chittick 2000-2001
Gene Pilot 2001-2002 Nick Tsoukalis 2002-2003
Connie Cantwell 2003-2004 Peggy Berry 2004-2005
Ryland Berry 2005-2006 Vinnie Crispino 2006-2007
Jim Eadiccico 2007-2008 Tim Hogan 2008-2009
Tim Carpenter 2009-2010 Mike Pasnick 2010-2011
Phil DeBow 2011-2012 Connie Cantwell 2012-2013
Sal DePaola 2013-2014 Nick Tsoukalis 2014-2015