Lodge Officers
Exalted Ruler: Greg Scarlato
Leading Knight: James Cantwell
Loyal Knight: Mike Reddington
Lect.Knight:MaryEllen Lawrence
Esquire: Dan Haupt
Chaplain: Thom Quinn
Tiler: Bob Oxford
Inner Guard: Juan Flores
Secretary: Connie Cantwell
Treasurer: Jerry DeToro
1-Yr Trustee: Peggy Berry
2-Yr Trustee: Jim Eadiccico
3-Yr Trustee: Mike Pasnick
4-Yr Trustee: Nick Tsoukalis
5-Yr Trustee: Al Ferrentino
Drug Awareness

Committee Chairman: Maryellen Lawrence

The Elks are family-oriented, and as such, a significant percentage of effort is dedicated toward the youth of local and encompassing neighborhoods. Today's youth will form the foundation of tomorrow's society and the Elks are in the forefront to offer their support and help provide forums for physical and mental growth while offering the students the opportunities to make their own decisions.

This then, is the Mission of the Drug Awareness Committee: "To support, in a nun-clinical format. Local, municipal, school, and civic programs dealing with drug usage and the direct nature of an insidious problem that is affecting our communities, our families, and our very lives."

Try the program's Drug Awareness quiz and test your knowledge!
The Elks National Drug Awareness Program would like to announce the release of three new public service announcements. They are on prescription drug use and marijuana use. The links are to the NEW Elks Drug Awareness Program - PSA's. The password is elks (in lower case)

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3